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Business Broadband requirements are changing!

With the move to Cloud based applications such as Office365, Zoho CRM, Zoho Docs, SalesForce, Sage Online etc the need for fast upload speeds as well as download speeds is critical ADSL and ADSL2 are no longer a viable option for SME business networks. . . . . . . . . .
In many Business Parks the options where very limited:
  • ADSL services with their asymmetrical speeds typically between 2-24mbs download and 0.2 - 0.8mbs upload speeds typically on the lower end of the scale.
  • Fibre connections even with government grants can be a very costly and take a long time to provision and in many cases was not available.
  • Bonded ADSL offered a short-term fix but did not offer good value for money.

Thankfully there is now a viable cost-effective alternative that can be provisioned quickly ....

Long Term Evolution, LTE for short commonly known as 4G is now capable of offering a real alternative to wired internet connections and offers many advantages including:

  1. High speed up/down links.
  2. No costly Civil works required.
  3. Fast installation times.
  4. Low monthly costs comparable to ADSL / Fibre broadband
  5. A wide variety of packages to suit every budget and requirement.

Case Study: Eclipse (IP) Ltd suffered from the common problem of poor connectivity available within the Business Park, and the cost of connecting to a Leased Line could not be justified. However with Eclipse's move to cloud based platforms it was essential to have a fast economic internet connection. LTE/4G was the solution, however we decided to take it one step further and develop a service offering in partnership with NotSpot Broadband Ltd a company we knew had been in the industry since the adoption of LTE/4G. This gave us the power of a knowledge base  that would enable us to offer a reliable service to Scottish SME companies that we had complete faith in. To that end Eclipse (IP) Ltd provisioned a LTE/4G connection for our own network requirements.

Before: Eclipse relied on ADSL2 connections which provided the company with very poor link speeds typically 3mb download by 0.2mb upload, this made working from home via VPN connections painful at best.


With Zero line of sight to the local EE mast and heavy tree cover, it was far from an ideal location but perfect for demonstrating the capabilities that LTE/4G offers, we now have the bandwidth the company required to support Office365, SimPro, Video Conferencing etc.

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