Rapid Deployment Camera System

Rapid Deployment Camera System

Quick to set up, ultra-secure and offering excellent security. Get in touch to discuss a wide range of temporary security solutions.

An Extra Layer Of Security Or A Boost To Your Existing System 

Whether you're looking to set up a camera for remote viewing to watch over your site or want to add an extra feature to bolster your existing security systems, Eclipse (IP) can provide, set-up and maintain everything you'll need.

With onsite towers that can be set up in less than one hour and deployable domes that are ideal for any type of property, cutting edge technology and an experienced team behind it will keep your staff safe and site secure.

Where Can Rapid Deployment Cameras Help Protect?

Due to their many benefits and quick installation, this system is the perfect solution across every sector, whether it's security for a live event or a temporarily vacant lot.

  • Government sites
  • Public and private property
  • Business parks
  • Parks, play areas and leisure areas
  • Rail (stations and sections of track)
  • Construction sites and roadworks
  • Utilities
  • Live events

By taking a proactive role in a site's security, you can identify, solve and reduce criminal activity in the area, contact us to discuss.

What Eclipse (IP) can provide

Full 360-degree views and a robust system means you don't have to worry about blind spots or the cameras being tampered with while on site.

Remote monitoring also allows you to watch over your site at any point using your computer or a mobile device, which can cut down on false alarms, give you peace of mind and allow you to take paid and appropriate responses when needed.


  • Rapid deployment: less than one hour to set up once on site
  • No mains power required; can run autonomously for one year 
  • No broadband line required: always connected 
  • Intelligent video analytics: minimises false alarms 
  • Footage stored in the cloud: can not be stolen 
  • Ruggedised HD cameras: full 360° visual coverage at all times 

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