Access Control Systems

Access Control System

Efficient door access control systems provide a level of control over who has access to a building or restricted area.

Physical access control systems provide layers of security through electronic door locks. These locks are far more advanced than traditional keys. They can come in various identification formats to allow for greater control and security in and around your site or property.

Access Control allows the property owner to protect staff, assets, and intellectual property by utilising advanced security technology that is easy to use and quick to install. 

Take back control of your property by installing a premium access control system. Eclipse (IP) Ltd partners with Paxton and other leading security providers to install the very best security systems on the market today.

Contact our team today on 03455 192130 or organise a site visit to get your secure access control door entry system up and running.


What is Door Access Controls?

Unlike old-fashioned methods such as traditional keys and door locks, an access control system provides a far more robust and flexible door entry system. The system denies access to any unauthorised person and gives access rights to approved personnel based on their security level.

Level up your security by adding multiple layers to your site. Easily grant access to all employees for one chosen area, the main door, for example, and at the same time restrict access to other higher-level regions on the same site.

Modern access control systems all come with an easily accessible record of events of all comings and goings on-site to give a more comprehensive overview of your site's security risk.

Access control solutions allow clients to limit and control who has access to their site. Common places access control is installed are:

Eclipse (IP) Ltd can help install and maintain a high-quality access control system to suit your needs, whether in a residential building, across an entire site or just for controlled zones.

Have complete control over who can gain access to your site and easily make changes with our access control software to quickly and efficiently update access levels, personnel turnover and site changes.

approved paxton access control installer

Paxton Access Control Installer

Eclipse (IP) Ltd partners with leading security brands to ensure we are installing the very best security solutions on the market.

One security provider we are incredibly proud to work with is Paxton. Paxton is renowned for its advanced security products and is based right here in the UK.

Paxton is a leading provider of door access control solutions. As certified Paxton installers, Eclipse (IP) Ltd can install, program, configure, service and maintain a range of Paxton access control systems on your behalf. These include:

  • Net2 Access Control
  • Network Access Control
  • Standalone: Offline Access Control
  • Paxton 10: Web-based Access Control

Eclipse (IP) Ltd can also install a range of access control systems and door entry systems from other security providers. With our NSI Gold Accreditation, clients can be assured that they will always get the very best in standard no matter what type of access control system they opt for.

Please contact us directly or leave an inquiry on our attached form to find out more about the different types of access control systems we can install on your site.


What Are the Benefits of an Access Control System? 

Installing electronic access control systems comes with a range of security benefits that will aid you in keeping your site safe and secure.

The state of the art door control systems Eclipse (IP) Ltd installs are flexible, secure and technologically sound. In particular, Paxton access control systems come with a range of additional features that make them scalable, easy to manage, and convenient to update.

The main benefits of installing an electronic access control system are:

  • Can easily restrict access to unauthorised individuals
  • Provides quick, convenient access for authorised individuals
  • Create multiple levels of security within any given site
  • Easy to manage and update if situations change
  • Access to records of all movements
  • More reliable than traditional key security systems
  • Can schedule specific access times and dates
  • Integrate with other security products such as CCTV video surveillance
  • Flexible security that works for you


What are the types of door access control systems?

Access control systems use different identification methods to confirm people are who they say they are, ensuring that only individuals with approved access can enter the controlled area.  

Access control systems can authenticate user credentials in many different ways, such as: 

  • A simple key card or key fob
  • Access card 
  • Keypads and pin codes
  • Token systems  
  • Biometric identification
  • Fingerprint identification
  • Audio and video systems


Flexible Product Integration

The access control systems Eclipse (IP) Ltd installs can be easily integrated with other products and systems to minimise security risks and create a complete security system.

The additional products an access control system can be integrated with include:

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