Access Control System

Control, monitor and restrict access to your property

Access Control System

The ability to easily control the movement of people, assets or vehicles in and around your property should never be underestimated. Access Control provides the owners of a property the ability to protect their staff, assets and intellectual property. 

More Than Just A Lock & Key

Unlike old-fashioned methods such as a simple lock and key, an Access Control system provides both security and a record of events that have occurred.

With unique identification for individuals or goods, you'll have a level of control and oversight necessary to keep your property secure. Whether a building, an entire site or just for controlled zones, we can help install and maintain a high-quality Access Control system.


This type of security feature should be considered wherever there is a need to control access or restriction for specific sites, properties, or areas. Typical applications include:

  • Control over staff and visitor movement around an office building or site
  • The controlled entry of personnel into secure areas, controlled zones or high-security locations
  • The movement of patients, staff and visitors around a hospital
  • Control of access in and out of car parks.


Tailored Options for Access Control

With the continuing developments in the industry and the latest technology, we work with various products that we can match to your specific needs. Access Control systems can function as stand-alone or on-line systems connected to our Glasgow-based remote monitoring station

Flexible Product Integration

Our Access Control systems are easily integrated with a range of other products and features to create a complete security system that meets your business or site's requirements. These additional products can include:

  • Alarm Management
  • CCTV
  • Time and attendance monitoring
  • Building management systems.

What Types Of Access Control Systems Are Available?

Digital Keypads

A simple but effective system which uses a keypad unlocked by a numeric code. Create one or more unique codes, which can be of varying lengths, and keep your site secure.

Biometric Readers

Biometric systems are ideal for when the highest security measures are required or when specific personal identification is critical. These systems can be set to unlock using facial, fingerprint, palm print, iris or retina recognition.


Audio & Video Entry

Audio or a combination of both audio and video Access Control systems are an excellent option for remote sites such as receptions or security guard environments. They allow for direct control over the entry to your site.


Combining security and convenience, this type of system uses token technology such as proximity, magnetic (Stripe), Wiegand, biometric, smart card or a mixture to control access to one or more sites.

On-Line Systems

On-line Access Control systems provide real-time operator management facilities and allow for easy operator control with graphical and textual displays. They also allow for multiple reports, available to provide site managers with real-time and historical accounts of chosen incidents. 

Typically, multiple operator positions may be interconnected on industry-standard local or wide area networks. This type of system is equipped with password control and hierarchical operator authority levels giving full audit trails.

Access Points

Access Control devices can be used in conjunction with various other entrance arrangements, not only with traditional doors. Standard modes of use include:

  • Turnstiles
  • Barriers
  • Gates
  • Rising barriers
  • Elevators
  • Double door arrangements.

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