Personal Attack System

Low Cost, Versatile & Highly Effective

Personal Attack System

For the optimal protection of your employees, Eclipse (IP) can supply and maintain a range of lightweight and versatile personal attack devices which are simple to use and adapted to your specific needs.

Dedicated Personal Security Devices

Enhanced safety and easy to use, we can accommodate individual users' needs for personal security devices. Belt clips, ID card holders, lanyards, and ripcords are examples of the accessories that can be used to ensure every user can stay secure. Eclipse (IP) can help tailor our services to meet any requirement for personal and versatile security solutions for high-risk employees.

How Do The Devices Work?

With a single activation button, personal security devices can be configured to trigger after a single or a long press (typically between one and five seconds). With audible and vibration feedback, the user will be alerted of the device's activation, although silent activation is also an option if required.

More advanced models of the device can also be fitted with 'Man Down Detection', which keeps track of motion and the user's angle, triggering if a sudden change is detected.

For a low cost, versatile and highly effective means of securing your employees and any high-risk visitors to your site, Personal Attack Systems are the ideal option. You can be alerted in real-time of any activations and respond to any issues before they can develop into something more severe.

Two Types Of Personal Security Systems

Physical devices for rapid response 

A flexible and wireless system that can be used throughout protected premises. Easily passed to others if needed and ideal for staff protection and asset protection.

Available for a diverse number of security solutions and applications, this system used wireless devices such as handsets and pendants to summon assistance when needed.

App-based security

Another option is an app-based solution that anyone can use with an Apple or Android mobile device. Providing the same level of protection and rapid response without the need for an extra physical device.


Common Features Include:

  • A dedicated emergency or SOS button
  • Feedback (audible or vibration)
  • A ripcord to activate an alert
  • Man down detection 
  • Fall or impact detection
  • GPS

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To find out more about the personal attack systems offered by Eclipse (IP), contact our security team today. 


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