Service & Maintenance

Getting The Most From Your Security & Safety Systems

With regular service and maintenance of your safety and security systems, our team can ensure:

  • Lasting reliability
  • Reduced or eliminated downtime 
  • The maximum working life of your equipment
  • Cost savings from potential equipment replacement.

Eclipse (IP)'s Service & Maintenance programmes take the uncertainty and hassle out of keeping your equipment in top condition. With our range of service packages, each backed up by our unique service guarantee, we can tailor to any business and their requirements to ensure lasting protection. 

Service Support & Back-Up

Support and capabilities

Through our highly skilled and experienced engineers, we can provide a service that is second to none. With the versatility, capabilities and equipment to maintain all types of security equipment, coupled with fast response times, we are well-positioned to ensure your security systems and equipment continue to do their job.
As you might expect in today's modern world, our first line of support for you is to solve any issues quickly, efficiently and in many cases, remotely. Using our remote service package, we can securely access your systems, run diagnostic testing and often solve the issue without the need for attendance, saving you both time and money.

Service management

Should you need to call out an engineer, our 24/7 service support team will make sure that your call is dealt with efficiently and professionally at all times. We can maintain all aspects of system and safety solutions, including:





System and equipment performance monitoring  

We want you to enjoy optimum equipment performance; therefore, we take a highly proactive approach to minimising service problems. Our Systems Performance Team monitors and analyses all service calls to identify any potentially disruptive trends. 
With the help of industry-leading monitoring software, we can know if your system has an issue before you do. This can then be attended by our remote engineer and fixed, or if a physical attendance is required, we will contact you and send one of our expert engineers with the right knowledge and parts to ensure a first-time fix. 

Product knowledge and training

Our engineers and technical support staff receive extensive and regularly updated product training, undertaken both in-house and by our product manufacturers and suppliers, covering all aspects and equipment types.
Our training programme ensures that every engineer has the necessary knowledge to perform any repair both safely and competently. The training programme includes regular updates on 'Health and Safety at Work Regulations' and the latest best practices to ensure on-site safety. 
Our engineers are multi-skilled and experts in their fields, meaning they are fully equipped to deal with the full range of products we offer, ensuring that you get the fastest, most efficient response and on-site service. We are also very keen to ensure our customers have all the knowledge they need/want of their systems and are happy to provide ongoing training both face to face and remotely.

If you would like to learn more about our Service & Maintenance services, please contact us.

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