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Industrial Sector Safety

High Quality industrial Systems to Protect Your Premises

At Eclipse (IP), our experienced team of industry experts is highly skilled and experienced in working with industrial companies to meet all of your technical security requirements.

We fully design, install and maintain the critical systems that will allow you to stay safe and secure.

After working with organisations across Scotland, we're confident that we can provide you with peace of mind and risk mitigation in the form of our leading safety and security solutions. 


What Eclipse (IP) Offer For The Industrial Sector 

Our high-performance solutions help you implement suitable security for your premises and keep your employees safe.

We offer:

  • Extra protection for high-risk areas
  • Automation solutions for an integrated approach
  • Mitigate potential hazards for sites with dangerous machinery
  • Secure any product or data onsite
  • Safety solutions for lone workers and high-risk employees
  • Help you meet all health and safety requirements
  • Peace of mind for plant operators, staff, managers and property owners
  • Safety features in the form of fire suppression and emergency lighting 
  • Access Control systems to restrict access to your site or specific zones
  • Remote monitoring services to watch out for criminal activity, property damage or fire
  • Network security to prevent cyber threats and protect sensitive information from the outside world
  • Patch management
  • Expert support and tips to help you implement security measures


Industrial Security Solutions For Your Technical Security Requirements

We know that Industrial plants, buildings and workplaces are all unique - not only do they vary in size and shape, but every industrial premise has different security requirements. This is why we never work from a standard one size fits all system.

Each and every Eclipse (IP) solution is designed, fitted and made bespoke to you and your building. This helps us target your exact requirements, meeting your needs every time.

Whether it's providing optimal coverage through CCTV, catering to the needs of a specific set of employees or providing robust monitoring and safety systems that can be used 24/7 from any location, we have the services, products and expertise to provide you with whatever you need.

With the industry moving further towards industrial automation and fully integrated systems, we provide a comprehensive approach to security. We'll provide you with security advisories to help you improve your practice and identify vulnerabilities in your system.


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