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Intruder Alarm Systems

An intruder alarm can do more than offer an excellent visual deterrent. With our remote monitoring and rapid response, any break-in attempt or property damage can be reported and dealt with in the shortest possible time. 

We install fully compliant systems up to Grade 4 to ensure you are in line with your Insurance requirements.

CCTV Systems

Whether you are looking for a passive HD CCTV system that provides a great image to view both onsite and via your mobile device, or a Remotely Monitored active system with a Police response, Eclipse (IP) can provide the right solution for you.

With experience protecting properties of all kinds, and in all industries we can supply, install, monitor and maintain the best CCTV systems to meet every requirement. With cloud storage and remote monitoring, we also provide unbeatable protection services that'll keep you secure, save you money and offer peace of mind 25/7.

BS8418 Remote Video Response

For a policed-response to your CCTV, installing a BS8418 detector-activated system provides fantastic results if the worst happens. Fully compliant with current Insurance regulations and with installation and maintenance from our specialist team, you can protect your property day and night.

In many cases of attempted break-ins, a BS8418 system can stop the criminal act before it happens. With audio challenge features, suspected criminals can be issued a warning by our remote monitoring station in Glasgow, and ward off trespassers before any damage or theft occurs.

Personal Attack Systems

Protecting your employees is just as important as protecting your property, so Eclipse (IP) pride ourselves on offering solutions to keep every aspect of your business secure.

For high-risk and vulnerable members of your team, our Personal Attack Systems are the perfect solution. Simple to function, discreet and offering rapid response, they provide peace of mind, extra security and immediate assistance when needed.


Access Control

Being able to tell where your people are at any given time can be a very useful tool. 

Access Control systems offer the ideal solution for those looking to:

  • restrict access to an area for security or for health and safety
  • have real-time fire reporting 
  • install a modern-day clock-in system.

Lone Worker Alarms   

If your business has staff who work alone, safety should be a priority. With Lone Worker Alarms, a discreet alarm can be triggered in the event that assistance is needed. Whether it is to meet current health and safety guidelines or offer your staff an extra level of security, they are the ideal solution for:

People who work alone for long periods
  • Factory and warehouse workers
  • Workers in construction, repairs or maintenance 
  • Vulnerable service workers 
  • Forestry and agricultural workers

Gates, Barriers and Bollards

Eclipse (IP) can supply and install a varied range of security features for your property, work-site or business. Security gates, barriers and bollards can all be used to effectively provide a visual deterrent and impassable obstacles for any unauthorised visitors or trespassers. 

Our team of highly-skilled and professional security engineers can provide cost-effective solutions, expert maintenance and ongoing support for any safety and security needs you may have. Versatile and with the capabilities and parts to maintain all forms of physical perimeter and security equipment, we're here to keep you secure.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection

We can provide, install and maintain the latest in Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems to help secure your premises. With the ability to detect break-ins and climb-over activity along, full monitoring of your perimeter fence or wall can help prevent criminal activity before it has a chance to happen.

Our Aim

Eclipse (IP) our top priority is protecting your property and your business using the latest and most effective security solutions available. As leaders in the industry, and trusted partners to some of the UKs biggest brands, we offer peace of mind in the knowledge that you are being looked after with integrity and passion.

Using cutting edge technology, a high quality and well-trained team and some of the most cost-effective but efficient methods, we can tailor our services to your unique needs. With fast, 24-hour response, we are specialists in the design, supply, installation and maintenance and monitoring of all forms of electronic security systems.

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Intruder Alarm System

Tailored intruder alarm systems to help you detect, track and monitor access to your site

CCTV System

Protect your property and gain rapid response to any alert, whether break-in or fire, with a full CCTV system. Ideal for any size site and with tried-and-tested technology installed by experts, everything is tailored to your specific requirements.

Access Control System

With a range of features and tailored products, an Access Control system provides both security and a record of activity to help you easily control the movement of people, assets or vehicles in and around your property.

BS8418 Remote Video Response

We are leading provides of security systems ideal for any public, private or commercial sector property. Using cutting-edge products and live remoting monitoring we can act fast and efficiently to respond to any unwated activity.

Personal Attack System

Low cost, versatile and highly effective, Personal Attack Systems are an ideal means of securing your employees and any high-risk visitors to your site.

Lone Worker Alarms

Lone worker alarms provide an added layer of security for those who may be vulnerable, helping you care for your employees, ensure you stay compliant with current regulations and respond to issues as quickly as possible.

Gates, Barriers & Bollards

Protect your site with a perimeter security system. We have options available perfect for any type of site, whether commercial or construction, large or small; we can tailor a solution to your specific needs.

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