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Lone Worker Alarm Systems to Protect Your Employees & Your Property

Lone Worker Alarm

There are an estimated three to four million lone workers employed across the UK. These lone worker positions are found across a variety of sectors and include;

  • Factory and warehouse workers
  • HGV drivers
  • Workers in construction, repairs and maintenance 
  • Caretakers
  • Midwives
  • Vulnerable service workers 
  • Forestry and agricultural workers

These lone workers can often be found in dangerous or unpredictable situations where an accident could occur without anyone nearby to assist.

If the worst does happen, the lone worker could be left hurt and unattended without any alerts being sent to the emergency services or the person's employers.

Eclipse (IP) lone worker alarm systems are designed to prevent this situation by giving a rapid response to the relevant authorities if an emergency should occur.

What is a Lone Worker Alarm?

Lone worker alarms provide employees who often work independently a means of signalling for help if a serious accident or emergency arises. The principal idea is to keep lone workers safe and secure when they are out on the field by themselves.

Prime examples of this could be engineering roles or mining jobs. However, a lone worker is defined as anyone who works alone, away from other employees or managers. This could be in an external fixed facility or away from their regular workplace.

With the increase of home working in recent years, lone worker alarm systems are becoming increasingly important for employers regardless of industry. It's essential employers comply with health and safety guidance and properly protect lone workers.

The lone worker alarm can be activated using smartphone apps or fixed as a wearable device, such as a smartwatch. Once the alarm has been activated, an alert signal will be sent to an external monitoring station which the employer will have organised. You can also set the alarm to be sent directly to employers and the emergency services if you so choose.

Once the remote monitoring station has been alerted, trained professionals will carry out the appropriate actions quickly and efficiently. Eclipse (IP) can help provide you with a remote monitoring station in Glasgow to ensure your lone worker alarm system is set up optimally for employee safety.

What Are the Features of Lone Worker Alarms?

With the added effectiveness of smartphone apps and wearable devices connected to your lone worker alarm system, many high-tech features are available.

Some of the most common and essential features of a lone worker alarm system include:

  • Built-in GPS for tracking emergency incidents
  • Low battery alerts 
  • Built-in panic alarms
  • Panic buttons
  • Check-in prompts and missed check-in alerts 
  • Non-movement alerts
  • Man down alerts 

These technical features all help protect lone workers to the highest degree possible and assure the personal safety of all employees, no matter the situation or location.

Why Invest in Lone Worker Alarm Systems?

As an employer, you have a duty of care to your employees. Lone workers are some of the most vulnerable employees you can have and often cause the highest amount of risk to a company's health and safety policy.

By investing in a robust lone worker alarm system, you will be removing this risk significantly and ensuring the safety of your staff even if an emergency does occur. Lone worker alarms add an extra layer of security for those who may be vulnerable and ensure you stay compliant with current regulations, whilst allowing any issues to be responded to as quickly as possible.

Lone worker alarms will also boost your employees' confidence when working in remote locations or potentially dangerous situations, feeding into a happy, safe and secure workplace.

Lone Worker Alarms From Eclipse (IP)

To help you put the best procedures and solutions in place, Eclipse (IP) are on hand to assess your needs and take the necessary steps to help avoid, control and prepare for any risks.

Discrete and straightforward to activate when needed, we can provide and maintain cutting-edge technology that will provide lone workers with an effective means of raising the alarm if necessary.

Give confidence to your staff and show yourself as a responsible and caring employer by installing a lone worker alarm system with Eclipse (IP).


Combined with our remote monitoring service, our team at Eclipse (IP) can provide a complete security system to give real-time responses to any alarm triggered. This is just one of the many benefits of going with Eclipse (IP) for your security needs.

The additional benefits of installing lone worker alarm systems with Eclipse (IP) include:

  • Cutting-edge lone worker services from industry experts
  • Legal compliance 
  • Help with providing a duty of care
  • Ensures the health and safety of lone workers
  • BS 8484 compliance
  • Reduced risk and enhanced safety

The benefits of installing lone worker alarms for your employees are many and will ultimately contribute to greater employee satisfaction and an improved company image.

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