Defence Employer Recognition Scheme Bronze Award Certificate

Defence Employer Recognition Scheme Bronze Award Certificate

Defence Employer Recognition Scheme Eclipse (IP) Ltd Bronze banner

Eclipse (IP) Ltd is awarded a Defence Employer Recognition Scheme Bronze Award Certificate

The team at Eclipse (IP) Ltd is thrilled to report that we have received a Bronze Award Certificate from the Ministry of Defence to recognise our pledge to support our armed forces.

Our organisation is committed to the growth and development of defence personnel and advocates for the armed forces community.

This certificate is evidence of our pledge to foster an environment where existing or serving community members can feel safe, grow and feel supported. We’re passionate about creating opportunities for this community and are honoured to have received this recognition.

We pledge to support defence personnel in a variety of ways, including:

  • Openness to hiring reservists and veterans of the armed forces, including the sick, injured and wounded

  • Openness to hiring the spouses or partners of cadets

  • Openness to hiring cadet instructors

  • The signing of the Armed Forces Covenant, which pledges that together we acknowledge and understand that those who serve or have served in the armed forces and their families should be treated fairly and with respect in the communities, economies and societies they serve


What is the Employer Recognition Scheme?

Launched in 2014, the scheme recognises those organisations that have explicitly expressed their intent to support defence personnel and encourage other organisations to do the same.

Eclipse (IP) Ltd hopes to contribute to a culture of respect, growth, and dignity for our armed forces community by signing up for the scheme.


What is the Bronze award?

To qualify for the Bronze award, an organisation must adopt an open hire policy and uphold the values of the Armed Forces Covenant, which outlines the nation’s commitment to those who serve in the name of our country and their families.

Eclipse (IP) Ltd are proud to have achieved this award and appreciates this recognition of our long term work within the defence sector. We always strive to create a fair and inclusive environment in our organisation and will continue to work hard to support those who protect our country.

Please visit the Ministry of Defence website for more information about the scheme.

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