Door Entry Systems

Door entry systems offer an extra layer of control and security for residential and commercial premises. Door entry systems make life more convenient for residents, employees and business owners. 

By having your doors connected to a reliable door entry system, homeowners, employers, and renters can gain greater peace of mind about who is able to enter their building or site. 

Eclipse (IP) Ltd recommend combining your door entry system with other security solutions, such as access control or CCTV, for increased security. We can handle the full sourcing and installation of any door entry system you require.

To find out which security solution might be right for you, call our expert security team on 03455 192130. 

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Door Entry Systems with Access Control 

One of the most effective ways of increasing the security of a door entry system is to combine it with access control. 

Access control systems can help add extra layers of security to a large site or building. The system can easily be updated to add multiple access levels for doors and areas throughout the site that need more significant levels of security. 

Access control is an excellent solution for larger sites and buildings with multiple people coming and going. Where door entry systems tend to only man one door or entry point, access control can seamlessly connect the whole site. 

With a range of access control systems available, including Paxton's coveted Net2 access control system, Eclipse (IP) Ltd can confidently handle the installation of any type of integrated door entry system. Leave an inquiry via our attached contact form to get your entryways secured. 

Door Entry System Installers 

Eclipse (IP) Ltd work with multiple high-tech security providers to bring our customers the very best in security solutions. 

Our team is highly adept at installing, repairing and maintaining a wide range of security products. From CCTV video surveillance systems to advanced biometric access control systems, there's nothing we cannot handle. 

The door entry systems we install are to the highest standard possible. We work with renowned security providers such as Paxton to bring Eclipse customers the most technologically advanced door entry systems on the market today. 

Choose between an integrated Paxton Network Control System, utilising their advanced Net2 and Paxton10 options, or a more basic Standalone System, perfect for smaller sites or residential buildings. 

Our installation process is quick, reliable and flexible to your needs. Whether you require a simple intercom system, an advanced video door entry system or an integrated access control door entry system, the Eclipse (IP) Ltd team is ready and available to source and install the best security solution for you. 

The team will also update any existing system you may have or assist in repairing door entry systems if required. 

Our team is qualified, helpful and highly knowledgeable. Please contact us today to have your new door entry system installed. 

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What Are the Benefits of Door Entry Systems? 

Door entry systems have a wide range of benefits. Despite not being a comprehensive security system in their own right, they do add a level of control to any property or site. They also offer ample opportunity for further integration with other security products, meaning door entry can be scaled as and when required. 

The main benefits of having a professional door entry system installation are: 

  • Increased security 

  • Control over who can enter your property 

  • Greater peace of mind 

  • More secure locking systems 

  • Lower insurance premiums 

  • Can be monitored and controlled via smart devices 

  • More convenient for letting visitors in and out 

  • Far harder to duplicate than traditional locks and keys. 


Net2 door entry system from Paxton

Types of Door Entry Systems 

There are many options when it comes to choosing a quality door entry system. Depending on your budget, requirements and size of the site, a door entry system can range from a simple intercom system to advanced full-colour video systems. 

As a well-connected security installer, Eclipse (IP) Ltd is able to find and install a wide variety of secure door entry systems based on a customer's individual needs and requirements. 

The different types of door entry systems are: 

  • Intercoms 

  • Digital keypads 

  • Card and keyfob systems 

  • Biometric systems 

  • Wireless door entry systems 

  • Video door entry systems (including full-colour video) 

  • Audio door entry systems 

If you are interested in having any of these systems installed, or if you would like to find out more information about door entry systems, please send your enquiry via our attached contact form below or call us directly on 03455 192130. 

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