Fire Suppression

Fire Suppression

Prevention is always the goal of any fire suppression system. Fire Suppression systems are designed to detect early fire warning signs in order to prevent large scale disasters from occurring.

A robust fire suppression system will ensure small fire outbreaks do not develop into something which can cripple your business, have unrepairable effects on your property and pose a direct threat to human life.


How does a fire suppression system work? 

Made up of several key components, a fire suppression system typically consists of: 

  • A fire suppression control panel 
  • Smoke detection 
  • An alarm system 
  • Fire suppression (such as cylinder and gas). 


A good fire suppression system will detect heat or smoke whilst the fire is still in the early stages of development. The alarm system will then be promptly triggered, alerting all staff or personnel within the property of the immediate threat of fire.  

To provide optimal fire control, most fire suppression systems will emit some sort of extinguisher. This could be a simple water sprinkler system or a chemical foam extinguisher. The type of fire system that is most appropriate depends on what the building (or room) is being used for.  

Read more about this in our fire suppression guide.


Fire suppression control panels 

The control panel is the brains of any fire suppression system and oversees all components. With constant monitoring of all detectors on the site, they'll detect any signs of a fire, sound the alarm and trigger a fire suppression response. 

Eclipse (IP) also provides a full remote monitoring service that allows for real-time, human-controlled responses from a local monitoring station. Providing optimal response time and cutting down on false alarms, you can have peace of mind knowing your site is being watched over by both a cutting-edge system and a team of dedicated experts. 

Smoke detection 

Early warning smoke detection can help prevent a fire before it causes too much damage. Using top of the line systems such as VESDA®, we can install and maintain a detection system specifically designed for your site. This smoke detection system offers optimal coverage and the best protection against the outbreak of fires. 


Fire control from Eclipse (IP) 


Eclipse (IP) are industry leaders in the supply, installation and maintenance of fire suppression systems. Approaching every site with the same dedication to detail and tailoring our services to meet your specific requirements, we will help protect your property and employees using decades of industry knowledge 

When it comes to fire suppression systems and wider fire control, Eclipse (IP) can provide: 

  • A bespoke system to suit your properties needs 
  • A fire suppression system without the need of any external power supply 
  • A robust, cost-effective and versatile fire suppression system that is fully compliant and safe against malfunction. 
  • Direct fire systems which will extinguish the closest point of the fire 
  • Indirect fire systems that will extinguish into a protected area. 


To help keep people and properties safe, Eclipse (IP) also offer an emergency lighting service to aid in the event of a power outbreak.  


The benefits of a properly installed fire suppression system cannot be overlooked. Without one, you leave your property and staff at risk of serious harm. 

The main benefits of a suppression system are: 

  • Reduces the risk of death or serious physical harm 
  • Helps save lives 
  • Protect your property from serious damage 
  • Heighten the value of your property  
  • Bring down insurance costs 
  • Gives greater peace of mind to anyone in or around the building 


Which properties can benefit from a fire suppression system? 


All types of properties can benefit from properly installed fire suppression systems. If your property is larger than a house and regularly houses employees or the general public, you should consider having a fire suppression system installed. 

Fire suppression systems from Eclipse (IP) are the ideal option for detecting fires across any business or industry, including: 

  • Accommodation, such as a hostel or hotel 
  • Offices 
  • Storage blocks or containers  
  • Schools, colleges and universities 
  • Cultural and heritage sites 
  • Hospitals and healthcare practices 
  • Warehouses 
  • Factories 
  • Commercial properties such as shopping centres  
  • Sports stadiums and recreational sites 
  • Large concert halls  


Eclipse (IP) we can confidently handle the installation and maintenance of all types of fire suppression systems. Our team uses the latest in industry knowledge and only the best and most suitable products to install a designed system specifically for our client’s property.  


Get in touch  


With years of experience in installing the very best fire suppression systems on the market, Eclipse (IP) has helped protect every type of property, from large commercial spaces to universities.  

Our fire safety team can support with every aspect of optimising your property's fire-safety measures, including a robust fire risk assessment to ensure nothing is overlooked. 

To find out more about the type of fire suppression system needed in your property, or to have a robust fire suppression system installed by trusted professionals, contact Eclipse (IP) today.  

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