Food & Drink Sector

Food & Drink Sector Security Solutions

Eclipse (IP) are experienced working with client's across the UK, providing tailored safety and systems services to the Food and Drink, Hospitality and Event sectors. 

Temporary security for events, upgrades of existing systems, or the new installation of fully integrated systems, our team can cater to a client's needs and overcome all challenges a specific site may have.

Temporary Security Solutions

Sometimes you only need to secure a sight part-time or need a temporary boost to security for a specific area or event. Whatever the reason, our teams can design and implement a range of solutions to mitigate risk, secure property and protect anyone onsite.

New & Upgraded Systems

Sometimes you may already have a robust system in place, which is just in need of an upgrade. Our team will inspect the premises, get to know what the system needs to accomplish and offer our recommendations for keeping your safety and security measures the best they can be.

Personnel Protection 

Some staff may be at a higher risk for needed help quickly and discreetly in sectors such as hospitality and food & drink. To offer peace of mind and innovative solutions to keep your team safe, we provide a range of services to monitor and provide rapid responses to any alarms triggered.

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