Fire Alarm System

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Fire Alarm

Eclipse (IP) can assist in all aspects of fire detection solutions.

Whether you require a simple conventional fire alarm for your small retail unit or a multi-panel analogue addressable system for your stadium, Eclipse (IP) can design, install, maintain and monitor your system giving you the comfort that you are safe.

A crucial part of protecting any property is the installation of high-quality and tested fire alarms. With our full fire alarms service, we can audit your current systems, upgrade if necessary and ensure that your site meets all the current legislation and safety standards.

Your First Line Of Defence Against Fire

A fire detection system is the first line of defence against any fires that may break out. Fires can spread quickly, block escape routes and bring with them the dangers of smoke inhalation, so Eclipse (IP) are on hand to help you detect early, mitigate efficiently and extinguish quickly.

We know that no system is one-size-fits-all. Every site is unique, with its own set of requirements, and so as industry experts, we treat them as such. We provide a fully tailored service to every client, providing everything from optimal coverage to the best products that meet your needs.

When used as a full system, with well-placed extinguishers, staff training and emergency plans, fire alarms will considerably reduce the risk your business will be significantly affected by a fire.

Remote Monitoring

The fastest possible response to a fire alert can be with our full remote monitoring service. When an alarm is triggered in the event of a fire, our team will react in real-time from a local monitoring station. Providing an immediate and appropriate response, the situation will be assessed, cutting down on false alarms and accidental triggering, and emergency services can be alerted on your behalf if needed. 

You can have peace of mind knowing that your site will have continual overwatch support and that any situation that may arise will be dealt with quickly and efficiently.



As a team of fire alarm experts, we'll provide a full audit of the systems you currently have in place, from detectors' placement to the alarms' coverage. This'll allow us to best understand any improvements that can best suit your property and ensure optimal safety.


We will assess and inspect your fire alarm system to locate any issues before they can develop into faults, saving you time and money in the long term. As a part of our ongoing support, you can also alert us if you notice any problems and your fire alarms will be tested as soon as possible.


Installed by professional engineers, all the fire alarms we fit will meet relevant British Standards and Building Regulations. The quick and respectful installation also allows your system to be updated with minimal impact on your business.


Our ongoing maintenance service will ensure that your systems stay entirely up to date, up to code and your property continues to benefit from the safety and protection of a well cared for fire detections system.

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