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Tailored Intruder Alarm Systems to Help Monitor Your Site

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With our range of intruder alarm systems, Eclipse (IP) can help secure your site, improve home security and protect your personal or business property from vandalism, theft and other criminal activities.

Our fully qualified engineers install and service all our alarms to meet NSI (National Security Inspectorate) standards.

With solutions for commercial, retail and industrial premises, you can rest assured that our high-tech alarm systems will help secure your boundary and monitor any unauthorised access to the designated site. Designed to your requirements, we offer a fully bespoke service to ensure you get the most from any alarm system you choose to install, with full access to our leading ongoing support provided for every one of our clients.

With a range of options from our complete smart alarm systems to simple yet effective burglar alarms, Eclipse (IP) can ensure the safety of your site day and night, allowing you to feel at total ease in your home, office or other property.


Intruder Alarm Systems with Remote Monitoring

As a part of our full-service and the ongoing support that we provide to every client, intrusion detection and intruder alarm systems can be used with full remote monitoring.

This means that if any criminal activity is detected on your site, a trained operative in our Glasgow-based remote monitoring station is alerted in real-time and will take appropriate action to ensure the safety of your site. 

This can be done by deterring criminals through an audio response, such as sounding a loud siren or voice recording, or contacting the authorities directly for immediate deployment if the situation warrants this response. 

In most cases, the simple act of alerting the criminal to the existence of an alarm system is enough to deter them, but if this does not work, then your assigned trained operative will get in immediate contact with the police and alert them to the situation as it unfolds. Occupants of the property will also be alerted to the situation to ensure they can take the necessary actions to keep themselves safe. 

If you are interested in having a remote monitoring system installed or would like to find out more info on bespoke services such as RMM software, get in touch with our expert team today. 


What Are Smart Alarms?

A smart alarm is an alarm system that can be connected to one or more of your smart devices, such as your smartphone, tablet, or another smart device of your choosing. Smart alarm systems give the user greater control and peace of mind as they can monitor, tweak, and update their alarm system as they see fit. Clients can also do this whilst on the move and away from their property, allowing you to securely check in on your house even when on holiday. 

Smart alarms come with a range of features, often including smart motion sensors, siren alarm & keypad. You can also find smart alarms with integrated smart cameras and lights. 

Get alerts of any unusual activity straight to your phone and take the stress out of securing your property. 


Burglar Alarms

Burglar alarms have been a common security addition to many homes for decades. Often you will see wireless burglar alarms attached to the side of houses or buildings, which emit a loud noise or external siren if the motion sensor is activated. Burglar alarms are usually connected directly to the local authorities, meaning the police will be alerted if your burglar alarm is triggered.  

In recent years modern burglar alarms have advanced to come equipped with a range of smart features, giving the client more control over their home alarm system. Modern burglar alarms offer a comprehensive home alarm with improved performance, off-site management, and an external screen control panel that will keep both your possessions and loved ones safe and secure. 


How Does the Intruder Alarm System Installation Work? 

Elipse (IP) can handle the full installation of any alarm system you choose to install in your house or office building. Our team of dedicated engineers will install all alarms to meet your requirements and talk you through how the system operates and answer any burning questions you may have. 

The installation process is quick, easy and hassle-free. It's important to note that if you install an alarm that is police monitored, we will have to install it for you as it is a lawful requirement. 

It's also worth noting that we will perform a robust alarm test to ensure your new alarm system is running and functioning correctly. 


There is a wide range of benefits attached to installing an intruder alarm system in your home or external property. Not only do security and burglar alarms provide peace of mind for the occupant or property owner, but they also deter criminals and ensure optimum on-site safety at all times.

Browse our list below and read about some of the additional system features we can offer on your intruder alarm system:

Master Control Panel

The brain of any system, installed in a protected area, contains a power supply unit and backup battery. A master control panel is fully programmable to meet your requirements and offers a full range of system diagnostics and a customer remote reset. 

Although this may sound overly technical, the ongoing support included at no additional cost in all our alarm packages will ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of how to manage your master control panel.


Remote Keypads for Intruder Alarm Systems

A remote keypad is a secure and straightforward feature that allows the system to be armed and unarmed by the owner using a unique code, proximity or radio token. This means our clients never have to worry about being stuck with the pain of a loud siren going off endlessly after a false alarm. Simply type in your unique code to the remote keypad, and you can turn off the alarm from the comfort of your home. 


Magnetic Alarm Contact

Installed on doors, windows and any other entrances to your site, the motion detectors will detect when they have been opened and let the occupant know immediately. These can be particularly useful in built-up areas where CCTV might not be an option. 

Doors and windows, particularly a larger window located on the ground floor of a property, give criminals an easy access point. With attached magnetic alarm contacts, you can rest assured that all entrances into your property are secured. 

Passive Infrared Movement Detectors

A feature designed to detect body heat and movement around your site. An excellent solution in areas with low visibility. Infrared motion detectors are particularly effective when combined with CCTV, as this can provide all-encompassing surveillance of your property and the grounds around it. 


Dual Technology Movement Detector

Deployed in high-risk or hostile and sensitive environments, these motion detectors combine infrared and microwave technology. The result is a highly effective, stable and reliable detector. From the front door to the gate of your property, you can install these state-of-the-art detectors to protect your home from burglars and keep your outdoor areas monitored and secured at all times. 


Internal Sounder for Intruder Alarm Systems

Allows for tones to be sounded on entry and exit of property and produces a full alarm on activation. This allows our clients to know when a safe entrance or exit has been made to the property and when unsafe or unauthorised access has happened.

This advanced function is just one of the many benefits of an Eclipse (IP) alarm system. If you are interested in installing an alarm or would like more info on the alarm services we provide, speak to our dedicated team today. 


Key Fobs for Intruder Alarm Systems

Implementing a key fob system in your workplace or office building is a safe and secure way to ensure only people with authorised authority can enter and exit the building. We also offer a service where a key fob can be used to authorize the master control panel. 


External Sounder & Strobe Unit

Self-activating sounders and strobe lights are housed in a robust, tamper protected casing and will sound when intrusion is detected. We connect an external siren to the main system to improve safety and alert the occupant immediately if any unusual activity occurs. The strobe unit also alerts the user to what is happening and draws attention to the situation from any person nearby. 

This is just one of the many high-tech features installed in our robust alarm systems. If you would like to find out more about our alarms, please contact us so we can help secure your property for years to come. 

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