Intruder Alarm System

Tailored systems to help you Detect, Track and Monitor access to your site

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With our range of intruder systems, all installed and serviced to NSI (National Security Inspectorate) standards by fully qualified engineers, Eclipse (IP) can help secure your site. 

With solutions for commercial, retail and industrial premises, you can secure your boundary and monitor any unauthorised access. Designed to your individual requirements, we offer a fully bespoke service to ensure you get the most from any system installed and have access to our leading ongoing support.

Remote Monitoring

As a part of our full-service and the ongoing support we provide to every client, intrusion detection and alarm systems can be used with full remote monitoring.

If any criminal activity is detected on your site, a trained operative in our Glasgow-based remote monitoring station is alerted in real-time and will take appropriate action. This can be deterring criminals through an audio response or contacting the authorities directly for immediate deployment.


Key elements of an intruder alarm system can include any or all of the following:

Master Control Panel

The brain of any system, installed in a protected area, contains a power supply unit and back up battery. A master control panel is fully programmable to meet your requirements and offers a full range of system diagnostics and a customer remote reset.

Remote Keypad

A secure but straightforward feature which allows the system to be armed and unarmed using a unique code, proximity or radio token.

Magnetic Alarm Contact

Installed on doors, windows and any other entrances to your site, they monitor and detect when they have been opened.

Passive Infrared Movement Detector

A feature designed to detect body heat and movement around your site. An excellent solution in areas with low visibility or when combined with CCTV. 

Dual Technology Movement Detector

Deployed in high-risk or hostile and sensitive environments, these detectors combine infrared and microwave technology. The result is a highly effective, stable and reliable detector.

Internal Sounder

Allows for tones to be sounded on entry and exit of a property and produce a full alarm on activation.

External Sounder & Strobe Unit

Self-activating sounders and strobe lights are housed in a robust, tamper protected housing and sound when intrusion is detected.

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