Temporary Site Security

Full-Service Protection On A Temporary Basis

It can be challenging to protect a temporary site within the construction industry due to a range of reasons. From a lack of infrastructure to forming a secure perimeter, protecting your temporary location is not always an easy task without a little help from the experts.

To optimise your on-site security, whether long term or temporarily, we can provide Visually Verified Response systems and all forms of physical guarding and response services with our SIA & ACS, approved guarding partners.

From the moment you break ground to the handover of your completed site, we will be there to look after you at every stage of the project.

Visually Verified Cameras

Rapid deployment

Fully operational in under one hour

No mains power required

Fully autonomous for one year

No broadband line required

Always connected and always protecting your site

Intelligent video analytics

Allows us to minimise any false alarms, saving you time and money

All footage stored in the cloud 

No on-site storage means the footage can’t be stolen and stays secure

Ruggedized HD cameras used

Full coverage at all times using cutting-edge technology

Response Services

Full SIA and ACS approved partner

Phsycial guarding

Mobile rapid response

Mobile Patrols (Drive-bys)


Ready to respond at all times

Rapid Deployment Camera System

Full 360-degree views, rapid set-up and remote viewing make for an incredibly robust system that's perfect for temporary security or ongoing support.

Full SIA and ACS Approved Partner

With a hallmark of quality within the security industry, every aspect of Eclipse (IP) has been assessed and recognised, assuring you of our commitment to quality and customer service.

Manned Guarding

By deploying the right team, we can add value to your business and use onsite guarding as a standalone service or as a part of a comprehensive security system.

Mobile Rapid Response

Mobile response units can quickly secure your premises and provide 24-hour monitoring and alerts to any criminal activity.


Whether you require hourly patrolling, overnight security or full perimeter checkers for vacant sites, we will work with you to create the perfect solution.


Let us protect and secure your premises while making your life easier with key holding and rapid response from our accredited and well-trained team.

Mobile Patrols

Secure your premises with regular mobile patrols who will visually assess your property for signs of criminal activity or damage and take the appropriate response.

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