Remote Monitoring

Rapid Responses To Real Threats

From our NSI Gold approved monitoring station in Glasgow, we provide fire and security monitoring for businesses throughout the UK and beyond. In the event that an activation is received, our operators will handle your alarm from start to finish liaising with you and the local authorities to ensure a prompt and effective response.

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What is Remote Security Management?

Remote Security Management, or Remote Monitoring, is a 24/7, integrated security solution that offers a secure and cost-effective means of safeguarding your premises.  

Using the most cutting edge equipment on the market, a system of alarms and CCTV are used to monitor your business, with a team of trained experts overseeing your security from a Remote Monitoring station. Remote Monitoring can be an excellent means of taking over from your outdated on-site security measures, such as physical security, and offers not only rapid responses to any alerts but massive cost savings.

As an example, with a standard Remote Monitoring system in place, as soon as an intruder is detected, live CCTV footage will be broadcast in real time to an operator, who will sound an alarm. Some systems can also allow our operators to issue live audio warnings to trespassers and prevent any break-ins before they happen.

However, this type of safeguard offers more than protection from criminal activity; they also provide rapid responses to fires and natural occurrences.

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What Does Remote Security Monitoring Offer?

  • This type of security measure is ideal for a range of businesses as it offers:
  • Security for both business hours and out-of-business hours
  • Protection and quick responses to criminal damage, break-ins and fires
  • Security for remote areas
  • An alternative on to costly in-house security 
  • An extra safeguard for high-security environments
  • A means of supervising employees in high-risk or empty areas
  • Coverage for larger or more complex sites and properties 

Why Do You Need Remote Monitoring Services?

A fantastic security management solution

Many businesses rely on a mixture of techniques and systems to protect their premises. With Eclipse IP Remote Monitoring, we offer an integrated approach that works around the clock and combines live video surveillance, human-crewed monitoring stations which make it the ideal security solution for a range of business types and perfect across any industry.

Save on costs while increasing your protection

Many clients have the question 'can remote security monitoring replace physical guards?' The answer is yes. Offering the same advantages and on-site guards, you'll receive the same rapid responses, deterrence and management services but at a fraction of the costs.

Reduce callouts to false alarms

Another benefit of a Remote Monitoring system is that our trained operators are on hand to differentiate between real and false alarm activations. This saves you time and removes the need to call in the authorities in situations it is not necessary. 

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