BS8418 Remote Video Response

Police Response & The Ability To Stop Crime Before It Occurs

Bs8418 Remote Video Response

With BS8418 Remote Video Response, Eclipse (IP) can design, install, and maintain a security system that is ideal for any public, private or commercial sector property.

With the latest, most cutting-edge products used for both your site and remoting monitoring centres, a live response system allows for the quickest reactions and responses to any issue on your property.

With transmission possible over broadband and LAN, and backed up securely utilising the mobile phone network, you're fully covered in any eventuality. The system also provides the ability for you to watch live feeds at point using a mobile device, a video response system allows for:

  • Immediate detection of perimeter breaches
  • A range of sensors used to detect intruders and transmit live images
  • Professionally trained and dedicated remote monitoring operators can respond to any issues with verbal warnings onsite
  • Police, emergency services or key holders can be immediately contacted.

Compliant, Tried & Tested Security Solutions

We have a long track record of helping our clients protect their property. Using a fully compliant, specifically the British Standard BS8418, we can respond to alarms in under 90 seconds.

Reducing the impact of any crime, cutting down on false alarms and providing peace of mind; our security solutions come with decades of experience and specialist skill behind them, including:

  • Bespoke solutions and tailored security systems
  • Site security experience
  • Transparency and trustworthiness
  • Unrivalled customer service
  • Confident and effective handling of alarms

To install your own state-of-the-art secuirty system, contact the expert security team at Eclipse (IP) today.



Any activation or triggering of the alarm is sent to our monitoring centre, which initiates a live video response from our dedicated security professionals team.


With live video feed and real-time response, our team will remotely access your site.


Using the available information, our operators can decide on the most appropriate course of action rapidly.

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