Fire Risk Assessments

Fire Risk Assessments

Eclipse (IP) can use its network of professional relationships with ex-fire brigade advisors to help you with assessment and action plan creation to ensure your site is up to code and fire safe.

What Is A Fire Risk Assessment?

As a means of ensuring a property is not a fire risk and to receive professional recommendations on creating a safer environment, a fire risk assessment can be undertaken.

With a thorough review of everything from evacuation plans to vulnerable people who may live or work on the premises, you can be sure that an assessment will provide the best idea of what is needed to help mitigate, detect and extinguish any fire risks.

Are Fire Risk Assessments Required By Law?

By law, all business premises, blocks of flats and property with five or more regular occupants are required to have a written fire risk assessment completed. The guidelines of this type of assessment include:

  • Every 12 months after a fire risk assessment, it should be reviewed
  • Every five years, a new assessment should be completed
  • A review is required if your building’s purpose has changed
  • A review is required if the layout or structure of your building has changed
  • A review is required if there is a change in occupancy.

Who Can Conduct A Fire Risk Assessment?

According to the current legal guidelines, a ‘competent’ individual must complete a fire risk assessment, who is comfortable assessing your premises for a range of fire safety and risk factors. The tasks that are involved in conducting an assessment are:

  • Creating a detailed record of all findings
  • Developing a fire safety action plan in the event any changes are deemed necessary
  • Getting any action plans implemented
  • Updating the fire risk assessment continuously

While not required, a professional fire risk assessor undergoes detailed training and is fully versed in recent guidelines and legal requirements. However, not everyone has regular access to a professional assessor.

This is where Eclipses (IP) can help you.


With a professional contact from our network of industry experts, we have help your site:

  • Identify all fire-related hazards
  • Pinpoint any occupants and employees who may be at risk and why
  • Evaluate any potential risks
  • Consider measures to mitigate risks
  • Create a detailed record of any hazard findings
  • Implement methods to remove or reduce hazards
  • Review the control measures currently in place
  • Review the risk assessment every year and after any incident between then.

Like our clients, every property and every business is unique, meaning we don’t offer a standard one-size-fits-all approach to fire risk assessments. Taking into account the type of business you run, the site or property you own and the requirements you may have, we offer a full range of fire safety solutions, from assessment to implementing cutting-edge safety features.

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