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Detection and monitoring for intrusion, property damage and fire

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Relying on 'do it yourself' CCTV systems may seem like a good option for protecting your property, but they often offer inadequate protection from the elements and acts of vandalism with none of the advanced security features that a professionally installed system provides.

With an Eclipse (IP) CCTV system, you'll not only be receiving a bespoke approach to security, meeting all of your needs, but also:

  • The latest in CCTV technology
  • The ability to detect criminal activity, damage to your property and outbreaks of fire
  • Reliable service from tried-and-tested products
  • A team of security experts on-hand when needed
  • Professional, non-intrusive installation and maintenance which offer minimal disruption to your business.

While an excellent security solution, CCTV systems allow you to monitor much more than visuals for your site. With the addition of a wide range of sensors, your system can be designed to detect:

  • Passive infrared
  • Attempted tampering with your system
  • Temperature, humidity and pressure
  • Vibration
  • Building management
  • Power change
  • Volume change.


Offsite Viewing & Fully Compliant Systems

Clients can view the feed from their CCTV cameras at any time, both on and offsite, via dedicated encrypted smartphone and tablet apps. You can also rest easy knowing that all systems installed by our team will be installed to comply with both the Data protection act and GDPR. This not only allows any evidence recorded to be admissible in court but also protects you from any fines for non-compliance with your security systems.

Rapid Response & Remote Monitoring

You can have peace of mind and focus all your attention on your business knowing that our team of specialists are looking after your property from a local remote monitoring station. 

The fastest possible response and the best technical resources will be at your disposal as we take care of your CCTV systems' logistics and oversight. Whether there is a fire, suspected break-in or false alarm, our team can react in real-time with an appropriate response, contacting emergency services on your behalf if needed. 

Remote monitoring provides a security measure which is ideal for any site with CCTV. You'll receive a long list of benefits from implementing such a system, such as security for business hours and out-of-business hours, savings on costly in-house security and excellent coverage for larger sites and properties.


Why Choose A CCTV System?

Digital surveillance and recording offer many advantages, including: 

  • Continuous recording (no need for physical storage such as videotapes)
  • Superior image quality
  • Fast image search and retrieval
  • Archiving capabilities
  • Instant playback
  • Simultaneous playback
  • Lower maintenance than older systems
  • Networking opportunities.

Why Choose Eclipse (IP)

  • Highly trained, experienced and qualified experts
  • NSI Gold accreditation 
  • All systems will be installed to comply with both the Data Protection Act and GDPR
  • Full monitoring services with rapid response
  • The most advanced technology on the market
  • Installation and maintenance expertise
  • Unrivalled customer service

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