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Relying on 'do it yourself' CCTV systems may seem like a good option for protecting your property, but they often offer inadequate protection from the elements and acts of vandalism with none of the advanced security features that a professionally installed system provides.

With an Eclipse (IP) CCTV system, you'll not only be receiving a bespoke approach to security, meeting all of your needs but also:

  • The latest in CCTV technology
  • The ability to detect criminal activity, damage to your property and outbreaks of fire
  • Reliable service from tried-and-tested products
  • A team of security experts on-hand when needed
  • Professional, non-intrusive installation and maintenance, which offer minimal disruption to your business.

Even the best equipment available on today's market can be rendered useless by inadequate installation. Our professional team of CCTV installers know our systems inside out, which enables them to deliver swift and fuss-free CCTV installations for your home or business premises.

So, if you're looking for the latest technology in home security and a reliable CCTV installer Glasgow, Central Scotland and beyond, look no further than Eclipse (IP).


What Can Eclipse (IP) CCTV Systems Do?

While an excellent security solution, CCTV systems allow you to monitor much more than visuals for your site.

With the addition of a wide range of sensors, your system can be designed to detect:

  • Passive infrared
  • Attempted tampering with your system
  • Temperature, humidity and pressure
  • Vibration
  • Building management
  • Power change
  • Volume change

Simply put, installing a CCTV security system is an all in one solution to keep your home or workplace safe from fire, intrusion and property damage.


Why Choose CCTV Systems?

It's been proven time and time again that an efficient CCTV system built for your premises is one of the most effective ways of protecting your home or your business.

Whether it's your own family home, a head office with many employees or a holiday apartment, a CCTV system ensures that your property and possessions are kept safe.

Digital surveillance and recording offer many advantages, including: 

  • Continuous recording (no need for physical storage such as videotapes)
  • Superior image quality
  • Fast image search and retrieval
  • Archiving capabilities
  • Instant playback
  • Simultaneous playback
  • Lower maintenance than older systems
  • Networking opportunities.

Installing a CCTV system isn't just effective in the practical sense. Smart visual placement can act as a deterrent for potential criminals. When we come to draw up your plans for installation, we'll advise you on the best places to locate your cameras to achieve this.  


Remote Access Control & Fully Compliant Systems

Clients can view the feed from their CCTV cameras at any time, both on and offsite, via dedicated encrypted smartphone and tablet apps.

You can also rest easy knowing that all systems installed by our team will be installed to comply with both the Data protection act and GDPR. This not only allows any evidence recorded to be admissible in court but also protects you from any fines for non-compliance with your security systems. 


Rapid Response & Remote Monitoring Services

Once your system is up and running, our relationship doesn't have to end there. Our experienced team also offer a CCTV remote monitoring service, allowing you the peace of mind to focus all your attention on your business while our team of specialists are looking after your property from a local remote monitoring station.

The fastest possible response and the best technical resources will be at your disposal as we take care of your CCTV systems' logistics and oversight. Whether there is a fire, suspected break-in or false alarm, our team will react in real-time with an appropriate response, contacting emergency services on your behalf if needed.

Remote monitoring provides a security measure ideal for any site with CCTV. You'll receive a long list of benefits from implementing such a system, such as security for business hours and out-of-business hours, savings on costly in-house security and excellent coverage for larger sites and properties.


CCTV Installer Glasgow  

As a highly experienced security installer working in cities and regions across Scotland, Eclipse (IP) Ltd can handle the full installation and set-up of your Glasgow CCTV System.  

If you’re eager to protect your home, business or private property from theft and damage, a robust CCTV system is one of the most effective ways to ward off criminals and give yourself a second level of protection in case the worse should happen.  

CCTV is perfect for larger Glasgow properties where it might be easier for criminals to enter without detection. The same goes for large business sites, where a comprehensive CCTV is highly recommended to ensure all business assets are protected and that comings and goings on site are sufficiently monitored. The addition of a professionally installed CCTV system will help to avoid mishaps, remove any doubt if a conflict should arise, limit employee theft and prevent unauthorised personal from arriving on site.  

Organise a site visit now or give us a call on 03455 192130 to enquire further about CCTV installation in Glasgow.  


Why Choose Eclipse (IP)?

At Eclipse (IP), the customer's needs are always at the centre of what we do.

Whatever your requirements, we always work to your vision and won't force a "one size fits all" approach onto you. Security requirements vary from person to person depending on their situation, and we always endeavour to deliver bespoke and personalised service.

Our security team is highly experienced in their field and won't hesitate to give you friendly and helpful guidance. We'll be with you every step of the way, through the consultation process, to the installation of your new cameras, to comprehensive remote monitoring.

Other advantages of choosing us include:

  • Highly trained, experienced and qualified experts
  • NSI Gold accreditation 
  • All systems will be installed to comply with both the Data Protection Act and GDPR
  • Full monitoring services with rapid response
  • The most advanced technology on the market
  • Installation and maintenance expertise
  • Unrivalled customer service


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