Accredited 24/7 Mobile Patrol Security Services


Either as a standalone security solution or as part of a more comprehensive package, patrols can significantly improve your site's security.

Our mobile patrol services provide regular or random inspections of your property to suit your requirements and budget. With varied patrol sequences, to avoid an obvious pattern, a would-be criminal will find it challenging to find a window of time they can exploit.

Regular checks are also completed on your site's gates, doors, windows, perimeters and any containers, ensuring your physical security measures remain intact.


With regular and visible patrols, you can prevent any criminal activity from occurring on your site before it happens. Any security professional's physical presence can make a massive difference in the number of break-ins, vandalism, and property damage in high-risk areas.

Alternatively, covert patrols can be utilised for those looking for more discretion from their security team. 

Quick Response

With a regular patrol, you can also have peace of mind knowing there are security experts close to your premises at all times, ready to respond to an issue that may occur rapidly. Trained to take appropriate action, our patrol team can quickly assess any situation and determine whether there is a real threat before taking appropriate action. 

Our Patrols


Patrols make for an ideal aspect of any security system, especially for high-risk areas such as manufacturing zones, commercial complexes, construction sites, large venues and other large clusters of properties.

With a Security Industry Authority (SIA) approved team, you can rest easy knowing that trained professionals are securing your premises. 

  • Scheduled around your needs and the risk of your premises
  • Visible and covert mobile patrols
  • Mobile patrols for first response to any alarms
  • Stationary security for high-risk locations
  • Property and perimeter checks 
  • Guarding positioned on gates and entrances

With tailored services, you have complete control over every aspect of your premises patrol. Whether you require hourly patrolling, overnight security or full perimeter checkers for vacant sites, we will work with you to create the perfect solution.


Residential, industrial and commercial patrols are a proven deterrent against criminal activities. Relying on regular police patrols or other organisations such as neighbourhood watch do not offer the same regularity and response times to deal with any potential security threats effectively.

This means that with our services, we can significantly reduce the risks of:

  • Unlawful entry
  • Thefts
  • Vandalism
  • False alarms

Patrols can also effectively escalate situations quickly, safely and provide rapid response from local law enforcement when necessary.

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