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How to Choose the Best Door Access Control System

How to Choose the Best Door Access Control System

Having a secure door access control system is an essential component for any large-scale business or office.

Without one, you leave yourself, your employees, your business and your intellectual property vulnerable.

However, with so many advanced door access control systems available in the UK today, it can be difficult to choose the best door access control system for you and your property.  

To guide our clients, Eclipse (IP) Ltd has put together this helpful article on how to choose the best door access control system for you, detailing the different features and top things to consider when looking to buy a new door access control system. 

Security evaluation is key to choosing the right door access control system 

Before delving into the most advanced door access control systems and getting caught up in all the technical features, it’s important to first take stock of what you truly want and need from your door access control system.  

If you already have a security system installed but are keen to upgrade, ask yourself in what areas can the current access control system be improved?  

Maybe your current system is frustrating for employees to use? 

Perhaps it’s not secure enough in terms of who can enter and exit the building? 

Or maybe your current door entry system doesn’t provide any hard data on all the people coming and going from your site? 

Identifying these weaknesses, frustrations and pain points will help ensure that when you purchase a new door access control system, all your needs are met.  

If you have never had a door access control system installed and are looking to invest in one for your home or business, asking yourself (or your partners) the following questions will help set you off on the right track: 

  • How many entry points on the property require door security? 

  • How many people will be using the system overall? 

  • Will my property benefit from added security features, such as biometrics or video? 

  • Do I need detailed reports on when the entry points are being used and who is coming and going? 

  • What level of security is needed for my property?  

Asking yourself these simple but vital questions will help narrow down your search for the best door access control system for you.  

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What are the different types of door control access systems?  

Just as a standard door will use a traditional lock and key, more modern door access control systems use a variety of different identification methods to grant or deny access.  

The idea is to confirm people are who they say are, with a growing attempt to move away from access control methods that could be compromised by lost or stolen objects (such as keys or fobs).  

Some of the most common types of door access control systems that can boost your security protocol in and around your site or property, are:   

  • A simple key card or key fob 

  • An individualised access card  

  • Keypads and pin codes 

  • Token systems   

  • Biometric identification (facial recognition) 

  • Fingerprint identification 

  • Audio and video systems 

As you can see, some types of door control access systems offer greater levels of security as there is simply no way a person’s entry access can be stolen. Features such as biometrics and video systems ensure that only authorised personnel enter the property. Of course, these systems are also more expensive and tend to only be used in high-threat, high-security locations.  

For most businesses, a pin and keypad system or the use of an access card, fob or token will provide an adequate level of security for the site. As long as employees are careful with their access cards or tokens, and are properly briefed on the importance of site security, these more standard features will suffice.  

For domestic properties, less focus needs to be on the number of people entering and more focus put on the level of security that the door access control system provides.  

A secure keypad system makes for an affordable yet highly secure domestic door access control system, whilst video or biometrics would add an increased level of security to your domestic property or apartment block.  

As mentioned before, the threat of attack and required level of protection is key to consider when installing a door access control system. But what other points should be considered when looking to install the best access control system for you? 

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Which door access control system is right for you? 

There are certain key elements that all domestic or commercial property owners need to consider when choosing a door access control system for their property.  

The top things to consider when choosing a door access control system are:


Each type of security access system will cost differing amounts. High level access control systems such as biometrics will cost more to install than a standard fob system. 

The number of entry points being covered will also affect the price of your door access control system. It’s therefore important to consider your budget and your security needs before deciding on a particular type of access control system in order to avoid disappointment.


The level of security needed on your site will help you choose the best door access control system for you.  

It’s a simple but essential check. If your site or property has highly valuable information or inventory, it makes it a more attractive prospect for criminals. Therefore, your security system should reflect this.  

Other simple considerations such as; the part of town your property is in, the people who come and go on a regular basis, and the existing security level of the site (guards, CCTV Systems, etc.) will all impact the type of door access control system you choose to install.  

Ease of use  

Think about the people that will be using your door access control system on a daily basis.  

Is it the case that people will be coming and going consistently throughout the day, or will it mostly be used only at two or three set times? 

Is there a need for quick access?  

Are employees competent (and comfortable) with the technology being installed? 

All of these questions (and more) relate to how easy the system is to use and how much of an inconvenience the access system could be for the people using it.  

Of course, a door entry system is there to heighten security, but this has to be balanced with how convenient it is to use and how well it fits in with your business and the people who will be using it day in and day out.  


For some businesses, this may well be the determining factor in the type of door entry system they choose to install.  

Having a security system that is easily scalable will help minimise future disruption and save you costs in the long run if your business and site increase in size.  

The last thing you want as a business owner is to install a full new access control system only a year or so after having your initial one set up. Double checking the scalability of your door access control system before making a final decision on the type of system is recommended.  

Additional features  

Extra features such as detailed reports and audit trails of who is coming and going, lockdown options and available integrations should all be considered when choosing a door entry system.  

Not every property or site will need a door access control system with a host of additional features, whereas others might benefit greatly from one or two helpful additions.  

Again, understanding your own site and your security needs will help determine which additional features will suit you best.  

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How much is a door access control system? 

The price of your door access control system will depend on a few key factors: 

  • What type of door access control system you are installing  

  • How many entrance points need to be covered  

  • How many people will be using the system  

  • The security installer you choose to go with  

Here at Eclipse (IP) Ltd, we work with a variety of security manufacturers to bring our customers in Scotland the best range of door access control systems available. 

Our installation prices are very competitive and include regular maintenance, routine checks and fixes, and expert security advice.  

Contact Eclipse (IP) Ltd today on 03455 192130 to have any door access control questions answered by a trustworthy security professional.  

Have your secure door access control system installed by Eclipse  

Now that you understand what to look for when choosing a door entry system for your domestic or commercial property, it’s time to take the next step. 

Eclipse (IP) Ltd are highly experienced in sourcing and installing advanced door control access systems on all types of properties, from small-scale domestic properties to huge industrial properties and everything in-between.  

To find out more about our security installation process or to have any of your door entry questions answered, please get in touch with the Eclipse (IP) Ltd security team today.  

You can also leave an enquiry via the attached enquiry form and one of our team will get right back to you.  

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