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Increase in Vehicle Theft

Increase in Vehicle Theft

Since May over 100 vehicles have been stolen throughout the East areas of Scotland including Dundee, Edinburgh, Fife, Forth Valley, Lothians & Tayside. The majority of these thefts have occurred in Edinburgh with 40 cars being taken. These crimes are mostly carried out in the late hours of the evening or early hours of the morning when the victims are most likely to be asleep and less people are around. All of these offences are being taken seriously and are currently under investigation as part of 'Operation Greenbay'. 

Two of the most common methods these vehicles are taken are through signal boosting devices or breaking and entering into homes. If you have an electric key fob for your car you are more likely to be affected by the signal boosting method. Usually keyless entry cars are taken by pairs of criminals, one of them will hold a transmitter next to your car and the other will walk around the edge of your home to boost the signal from your fob. This process can be completed in 60 seconds. Other criminals are just breaking and entering into homes and taking your car key. The police have found a lot of the victims leave their valuable belongings closer to their front door to prevent thieves going further into their homes. As well as this, police have also found that some car owners believe their car locks itself automatically. 

The best ways to keep your car safe from anything like this happening would be to follow basic car security steps, such as ensuring you lock your car when you leave it. Don't leave your car keys near the front door to your home, most criminals won't want to go deep into your home. If you have a keyless entry fob for your car a good way to prevent your being stolen would be by putting your fob into a security pouch/box that will block signals. This way, if a criminal tries to boost the signal from your fob to your car the signal will be blocked. Another way would be to consider/re-consider your home security status. The best ways your home security can be improves would be through installing an Intruder Alarm, Motion Activated Lights & CCTV Cameras

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