National Apprenticeship Week – 5-9th March 2018

Posted March 9, 2018 | Eclipse IP

National Apprenticeship Week – 5-9th March 2018

National Apprenticeship Week – 5-9th March 2018

Eclipse (IP) & The Modern Apprentice

This week, Eclipse (IP) Ltd is celebrating National Apprenticeship week 2018.

For around 4 years now, we have been recruiting Modern Apprentices. We currently have 2 people going through the Modern Apprenticeship (MA).
This programme really benefits not only the individuals that come through the programme, but us as a business too. It allows employees to learn on the job, working on real projects with experienced colleagues who are there to support and mentor them at every stage. It provides a great opportunity for them to develop their skills through a mixture of attending college one day a week, gaining real work experience, and all the time getting paid.
It not only builds the confidence and qualifications needed to succeed, the business builds talent and productivity.
We asked our MA’s what they thought of the programme and how it has benefited them.. Here is what they said:

Q) Why did you join the Modern Apprenticeship (MA) Programme?

A) After around 6 months searching for an apprenticeship I was lucky enough to be selected as one of the new apprentices of Eclipse (IP) Ltd. I wanted an apprenticeship to gain hands on experience as well as learning the theory behind everything.

Q) How did you hear about the MA programme?

A) I heard about the MA Programme through school.

Q) When did you start your MA?

A) I started my MA Apprenticeship in September 2017

Q) What does a typical week look like at work (including attending college)

A) Monday I’m at college, and the rest of the week I am all over the country doing various different things, rarely the same thing every day, which is good as it gives me a wide variety of things to learn.

Q) What is the best thing about being on the MA programme?

A) The fact that I enjoy what I’m doing, always having someone there is basically like a one to one classroom out on site, someone to always answer questions there on the spot, to challenge me day in day out and hopefully help me through my 3 years.

Q) Would you recommend this programme to others and if so Why?

A) I would certainly recommend this to anyone, I feel like I’m coming home every day learning something useful and feeling like I have achieved a new goal.


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