Zero Waste call out..

Zero Waste call out..

During a recent Scottish Government Cabinet meeting which our client, Zero Waste Scotland were hosting for the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, their office experienced a power outage. This involved the staff members at Zero Waste Scotland’s office, Nicola Sturgeon and her team and also some of our Eclipse (IP) staff.

When this power outage occurred, it caused the intruder alarm at Zero Waste offices to go off. The staff members attempted to stop the beeping of the alarm but were unfortunately unable to do so and the alarm was starting to have a negative effect on the meeting. Fortunately, one of the staff members at Zero Waste knew what to do and called in and made the monitoring station aware of the current position they were in and they immediately transferred her through to one of our service engineers. The service engineer then managed to talk her through the process of resetting the alarm much to everyone’s relief.

We responded in a professional manner and resolved the issue by talking the Zero Waste member of staff through a reset of the alarm system, this was done quickly and calmly. The alarm stopped and everyone was able to concentrate without any further disturbances occurring in the building.

Nicola Sturgeon witnessed first-hand how professional both Zero Waste Scotland and Eclipse (IP) Ltd are in important types of events like this.

At Eclipse (IP) Ltd we strive to give the best customer service we can possibly give. That’s why when this issue arose our service engineer knew exactly how to deal with it. We always put our customers first and try our best to help them as soon as possible.

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