Temporary Site Security

1 Hour Temporary CCTV Set Up

FreedomCAM - Rapid Deployment Video Monitoring Solution for temporary site security

Within the construction industry, it can be more difficult to protect a temporary site.

From a lack of infrastructure, to difficulty in forming a secure perimeter, protecting your temporary site can be a challenge.

In conjunction with our sister company FreedomCAM Ltd, we can provide Visually Verified Response systems as well as all forms of manned guarding and response services with our SIA & ACS approved guarding partners.

From the moment you break ground, to the hand over of your completed site, FreedomCAM Ltd will be there to look after you at every stage of the project.

temporary site security

Visually Verified Cameras

• Rapid deployment – less than 1 hr on site
• No mains power required – fully autonomous for 1 year
• No broadband line required – always connected
• Intelligent video analytics – minimal false alarms
• Footage stored in the “cloud” – can’t be stolen
• Ruggedized HD cameras used – coverage at all times

Response Services

Full SIA & ACS Approved Partner
• Manned Guarding
• Mobile Rapid Response
• Patrols
• Key holding
• Drive-bys

FreedomCam Rapid deployment