Testimonial From Sugarich

Full HD CCTV System Installation

Sugarrich testimonial

SugaRich is the UK leader in reprocessing surplus food products. They specialise in recovering surplus materials from food manufacturers, food distributors and food retailers and turn them into nutritionally balanced, high performance animal feed ingredients that are environmentally friendly, cost effective and increase productivity.

By recovering and up-cycling these nutritious resources they help prevent unwanted food finding its way into landfills. While your surplus can become quality feed to livestock, you are also able to save costs and boost your environmental credentials.

By delivering high quality feed for your livestock you save on costs and contribute to saving our environment.

CCTV System

Eclipse (IP) Ltd were invited initially extend the existing CCTV system. After seeing Eclipse’s offering, it was decided that the existing system be replaced with a new full HD system providing coverage of both production and the site as a whole.

Client’s comment

Eclipse (IP) Ltd provided a system that gave coverage of our key business areas with excellent quality images. We are now able to use them for multiple purposes and are very pleased with the end result. – Gordon Sutherland, Scottish Regional Manager.