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Improving Customer Experience With Managed Wifi

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With the demand for continuous connectivity increasing and the dramatic increase in connected devices set to continue the need for managed WiFi solution has never been more important.

Key factors driving this requirement for managed wifi networks include: Internet of Things (IOT) devices such as smart meters, connected appliances such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Home Security and IP cameras to name a few.

So why have a managed WiFi network?

With customer expectations for free wifi access in Hotels, Event Venues, and Public Spaces the days of pay for access model are long gone.

So how can business obtain a return on investment for the provision of free public space WiFi?

Lets give a few example of how a managed wifi solution can increase customer satisfaction and lead to repeat business.

Unmanged wifi router
unmanaged router

Scenario 1.

A hospitality chain provides free access to wifi via an unmanaged network by placing access point in each venue and people access via obtaining the WPA Key at the bar, access points are connected to a separate ADSL connection from the business network.

Pros: Customers are able to access the internet.


1. Customers often complain that it is slow or are unable to get access.

2. Devices are difficult to maintain and can leave clients vulnerable to attack due to lack of maintenance and security updates.

3. Business benefits diminish as the number of users increase and the connection becomes overloaded.

4. Customer leave to find better connection at competitors venue.

Scenario 2:

Eclipse (IP) managed Friendly wifi solution: Network is professionally installed at all locations, Security is fully managed and updates are regularly rolled out across the entire network, Content Management ensures that your venue is family friendly and clients are fully protected. Bandwidth is managed to ensure that all users enjoy the same high quality connection. WiFi network can be run on the existing business connection and provide separate secure staff and guest networks.

Friendly WiFi - it's good to know

Advatages of fully managed network…

1. Network is managed centrally via the cloud by experienced wifi support staff. All our staff are security vetted.

2. Cloud Based DNS Threat Protection secures your customers connections from Hackers, Malware, Ransomware, Spyware and Viruses.

3. DNS Content filtering fully compliant with the Friendly WiFi  Policy Developed By the UK government.

4. Social wifi enabled allowing customers to login to the network using social media and providing brand promotion via social check ins.

5. Custom landing pages to promote your brand, optional Geographic promotion dependant on the Venue location.

6. Optional Presence Analytics :

“This information can immediately help you make better decisions about how to engage your on site visitors. For example, a retailer can use this information to gauge how traffic drivers such as in-store promotions, window display changes, or new advertising impact foot traffic to your retail locations, and whether customers are spending more time in your store. If you correlate these data with revenue data, you can notice if any upticks in sales coincide with actions you’ve taken to enhance customer experience.” Cisco Meraki

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