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Cyber Security SME Research Study

Surveyed SMEs Vulreble To Fraud Related Attacks

About 50,000 UK jobs have been lost due to cyber attacks on small businesses, research by Barclays shows. The study found nearly 11% of all surveyed SMEs have been defrauded, compelling roughly 9% of them to reduce overheads by sacking staff. The average cost of a fraud is £35,000, taking the overall fraud-related expense to £40bn. “Fraudsters are targeting hard-working entrepreneurs, in some cases impersonating suppliers and staff, intercepting emails and sending fake invoices,” said Ian Rand, chief executive of Barclays Business Banking.

With increasing threats creating financial problems for SME companies it makes sense to invest in an IT security service designed to reduce the burden on business. Eclipse (IP) Limited has a 10 year history in the security sector providing solutions for every aspect of business, including CCTV, Door Entry Systems and Fire Safety. Eclipse (IP) Ltd’s Managed IT Security Service is designed from the ground up to mitigate as much as possible security threats including cyber attack, File Security, Spam, Computer Viruses etc. Unlike traditional antivirus which act as a last line of defence. Our cloud based managed IT security service eliminates 90% of threats before they enter your network. You may ask ‘What about my mobile workforce?’ Not a problem! No matter whether you work from home, on the road or a Wifi hotspot, you’re treated to the same level of security giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on business.

How do I get this for my company?

Easy it’s all part of the service, one simple economic support package starting at £20 per device per month. A small price to pay for peace of mind.

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